AC Parkour Tutorial - 3 things to know when Getting Started

So you want to learn how to do parkour? Along with my Assassins Creed Parkour Tutorial videos you can find on my channel RonnieStreetStunts, I will also be writing blogs on each of the videos for those looking to go more in depth. Some people learn best from the visualization of videos, while others like to be able to read the information.

Check out the video on Getting Started before reading this blog.

 This tutorial is specifically designed to get people in the mindset for preparing to learn parkour...

 Because more important then the specific moves or cool tricks is the preparation and mindfulness you put into your overall parkour training. So I wanted to discuss 3 main points that I feel every beginning parkour and free running enthusiast should know before starting parkour. Those are Location, Conditioning and Mind Over Matter. They are also relevant to the most common asked questions I receive: "Where can I find places to learn? Do I need to be in shape? Or what kind of exercises do I need to learn? And how can I overcome the fear to try new things?" All of these questions will be answered in this tutorial, and may be even more thoroughly answered in future tutorial's to come.

Location - Where to train

You see it in all the best youtube parkour videos, there are usually amazing architectural locations. "How can I learn like those guys with out having any sweet locations like that?" I had the exact same question when I began. Through 7 years of training I have learned that although locations like you see in videos may be awesome, they are not necessary for you to discover what the movement of your body is capable of in your own city or environment.

First off, if you just recently started looking into parkour, there could very well be locations near you. But you probably just have never looked at them through the eyes of a traceur (parkour practitioner). So before complaining about not having anywhere to train you must first explore your surrounding area. Walk down streets or alleys you have never walked down before. Look behind buildings or even alley ways. Be aware of every protrusion: Walls, ledges, hand rails, fences, posts, trees, etc... With out even learning parkour moves, you can try the practice of getting over these obstacles or on top of with just your two hands and feet. Over time as your ability improves you will discover new things that you never before saw as an object you could train on. Always be aware of areas you travel to, even if you are not there to do parkour, you can always make a note in your head and always be scoping for potential training grounds.

Conditioning - Necessary to exceed your limits

For many conditioning can seem like the less exciting part of learning parkour. People don't want to exercise, they want to do big jumps off stuff! Well that will come, but how pointless it would be to do a couple big jumps, and then not do them ever again because you injured yourself. When I first heard about parkour, the first thing I did was go outside to find a big ledge to jump off of to try the land and roll... Bad idea... I attempted a big drop and thought I would roll out of it effortlessly, instead I dug my head into the ground because my body wasn't conditioned for the strength to do that drop, or the quick reaction time required to do the roll. Parkour is more than just doing the cool stuff now, its looking into the future and having a lifetime of fun doing parkour.

There are hundreds of exercises that can be incorporated into conditioning for parkour. There is no one best exercise. In all honesty any kind of exercising will aid the strength of your body for parkour but we want to know what exercises will help improve our ability to do parkour. Although being in shape helps, it is not necessary for you to start learning now how you can move around and over obstacles. You can go out now and learn what you are capable of no matter your shape. Over time the more strength you develop through conditioning the more room your are providing yourself to improve significantly. Although I won't list all the exercises I do in this tutorial, it is pretty simple to go out and start doing your own. The simple act of climbing a fence; that we often do as kids, is a parkour exercise. Learning to walk on all fours increases the coordination of your hands and feet. (you can see an example of some of these exercises in the video)

Finally, never stop exercising! Even if you feel like you are getting really good, you need to always maintain the muscles necessary to support the movements you are doing. So for now go out and do exercises you already know and discover ways to incorporate them with the obstacles you will be learning parkour on.

Mind Over Matter - Fear vs Preservation

Fear can be large barrier for many trying to progress or learn a new move. It is important to learn how to overcome your fears, but it is also important to exercise self preservation. There must be a balance. Our fears are to protect us, but we don't want them to protect us so much that they prevent us from progressing. As you train and progress though, you will find that what moves scared you once before don't seem as scary. This is because you are developing your overall body control and awereness. If I have walked on a hand rail so many times that I never fall, it won't be as scary when I'm balancing on something similar 10 ft in the air.

In my videos you may see me on larger, dangerous looking heights. Doing parkour really high, does not mean you are good at parkour, it means you have guts. I have trained for 7 years and have become very familiar with what I am capable of. I have learned to become comfortable with heights and it is no longer an act of guts, but an act of confidence in my ability. It is detrimentally important that you are aware of what you are capable of before trying to mimic professional free running athletes. And I don't mean that once you learn a frontflip that you can try do it over a rough gap now. What I mean is that you should be so accurate with your front flips that you no longer make mistakes when doing them. You need to be so confident in your front flips that it doesn't feel much more difficult to front flip the rough gap then it would be to just jump it.

So remember not to take big risks, but we do need to take risks. The risk of being embarrassed by people watching, the risk we will get hurt, etc... We still must take certain risks if we want to progress, we just have to do them thoughtfully. I would like to leave you with one last quote before beginning your parkour journey. "When a child is born they know nothing. They are bound by nothing and anything is possible. As they grow they learn to accept laws, rules and restrictions imposed by man and nature." - Unknown

So go out and discover the limitless potential of your body! And have fun doing it!

-Ronnie Shalvis


  1. I'm not in very good shape for this stuff, but I am working on that and will be following these tutorials as time goes by. Slow and steady wins the race.

  2. Hey Ronnie I love your videos. Parkour seems perfect for me, aside from preparation I think I'm already ambitious due to a love for perfection, energy conservation when moving, and experience in the martial art called Aikido (basically your taking an attack and countering it efficiently so that you spend almost no energy). I can only see small problems during preparation with time-management (homework gets in the way often) and having to exercise rigorously (I'm not in the best shape lol). Which leads to my question: How long should I, a medium-weight highschooler, train during each session and how many days in a row before taking a resting period?

  3. How much you need to train solely depends on how much you want to get out of it. Because the very basics of parkour is just learning how your body moves, virtually doesn't require any training, but to improve from where you are at now requires more training. I train parkour and free running usually every other day and I do exercises and stretching every day.

    1. I don't weight-lift though so I don't know a general time to stop training. Also, what body ligaments should be stretched and made flexible (wrists, elbows, knees, hip, shoulders, etc.)?

  4. Well depending on if you are training to build muscle you should take a day off for the muscle group that you worked out. But if you are training endurance and technique, that can be done everyday. For stretches I spend the most time stretching my legs, but I try to stretch everything I can. Major muscle groups to stretch for parkour are quads, hamstrings, glutes, ankles, back, shoulders, wrists.

    1. Can you train strength and endurance the same day on the same group, or would that be too much? BTW, I know I'm asking a lot of questions but for me in order to progress I need to know a lot about the subject at hand.

    2. I've thought about it, and decided 30 minutes per day is a good amount of training, thanks for the quick answers.

  5. Hey Ronnie, i'm pretty interested in parkour. I've always wanted to do it all my life, but i never seen any really good tutorial vids. I used to be a bboy, but i stopped. i don't have a fear of getting hurt, but i have a fear of heights. Anything to help with that? i also do work out pretty often so things such as handstands, lifting myself off the ground isn't hard, but tricks like backflips and fronts i have never conquered. can you help me with that also? thanks


  7. Awesome! I've just started training, not parkour yet; I decided to train running at all 'cause my condition is reeeeeally poor ;) And make some strenght exercises, like pull-ups, push-ups etc. And after one month I can see first changes. In the spring I'll start stricte parkour training. Long way ahead of me, but now I have someone so I can be inspired :) Thanks!
    Vittoria agli assassini!

  8. Mr Shelvis... i love your work... i am tryin things myself..but there are many things i cant do because i am a little afraid.. a kind of pessimist u kno... I regret the thing that despite being tall i cant do a wall climb... can u help me? the thing is that when i put my right leg on the wall for some reason maybe fear i cant put my left leg on the wall... please can u hlp me?

    1. Check out my blogs...I think we can start to create something special

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  10. Hey guys read my blog if you like this I have a funny feeling you'll like mine. I'm building a community but we need to keep it on the DL

  11. hi ronnie i was just wondering were u got ur suit and how much was it??

  12. I've got a problem sir, you see, i have a back problem that makes my legs a little weak,i have to use special templates for my feet and i need your opinion, should i try it? or is it dangerous for me? i hope you could answer


  14. I have seen your videos and am inspired! I already do 3 sports so I thought, why not? I have just been practicing basics and everything, but my whole family thinks I'm weirdo. They think it is a foolish and that I will grow out of it soon :) But that is not happening after I have seen your videos, I will never give up :) Keep doing what you do, you are awesome!

  15. Do you have any good tips for the vertical wall run because when I try I either jump to early/late or my shoe slips

  16. In the location section you made a typing fault, nothing negative, just to improve the blog. (without not with out)

  17. You know Mr.Shalvis, you have inspired me to do parkour for about 2 about to be 3 years now. i train,i practice,and i keep on going. i won't stop,and one day we might be able to practice together eh? I thank you for your help and advice greatly.

  18. I'm 12 years old and I started doing parkour a few months ago. I'm still practising and I'm trying to convince my 45 year old father to practise with me.

    Although I can handle the hole "vault" thing, the only thing I can't do is flips.

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